Wiltgen Lab

Dr. Wiltgen studies cellular and molecular mechanisms of memory formation in the hippocampus and neocortex. He is particularly interested in systems level consolidation and the process by which new memories are stabilized and maintained over time.

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Research Topics

Memory Circuit Reactivation

Episodic and contextual memories are encoded within hippocampal and neocortical circuits. Retrieving these memories is assumed to involve reactivation of neural ensembles that were wired together during learning.

Memory Consolidation

The hippocampus is essential for the storage and retrieval of new episodic memories. With the passage of time, however, these same memories can be supported by the neocortex without hippocampal involvement. This process is called systems consolidation and it is thought to occur when the hippocampus reactivates and strengthens neocortical networks after learning.