Asian American Center on Disparities Research (Zane)

The Asian American Center on Disparities Research (AACDR) investigates how cultural factors work to either enhance or mitigate the implementation and effectiveness of evidence-based treatments for Asian Americans. The center focuses on the ethnocultural factors that influence the effectiveness of treatment.

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Research Topics 

Disparities in Quality of Care for Ethnic Minority Clients

Examining Health and Mental Health in Diverse Older Adults.
The Effects of Face Concern on Self-Disclosure and Emotion Regulation
Variations in Emotion Regulation
Utilization and Outcomes of University Counseling Services for Ethnic Minority Students

Social Identity and Life Experiences of Ethnic Minorities

Biracial Mental Health, Identity & Adjustments
Impacts, Mechanisms, and Individual Variations in the Stress Response to Racial Microaggressions
Student Attitudes and Behaviors Related to Campus Ethnocultural Diversity

Community-Based Participatory Research

Assessment of an Evidence-Based Parenting Intervention in Asian American Families
Interdisciplinary Frontiers in the Humanities and Arts (IFHA): Interdisciplinary Reappraisals to Enhance Health and Resilience in Immigrant  Communities