Janata Lab

The Janata lab investigates how human brains engage with music. Paradigms range from psychophysical studies of the acuity of mental images for pitch, to neuroimaging studies of music-evoked memories and emotions, and behavioral examinations of sensorimotor coupling, i.e how people move along with music.

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Research Topics

Music, Memories & Emotions

Trying to understand why hearing that song from the 8th grade dance elicits such awkward nostalgia ... and why music from the past lights up the lives of Alzheimer's patients.

The Groove Project

Our goal is to understand the psychology and neuroscience behind the somewhat ephemeral concept and potent musical experience of being "in the groove."

Musical Spaces

Music functions in three broadly defined spaces. Understanding the varieties of music and musical experience necessitates exploration of each of these fascinating spaces and their interactions.

Music, Spirituality, Religion…

The connection between Music, Spirituality, Religion and the Human Brain is nearly universal. This project examines the relationship between these integral aspects of human culture in terms of underlying psychological and neuroscientific principles.